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Website Design and Development

SQ expertise offers best website design services  and website development services in Lahore and best website development services in Lahore as well. Your presence on the Web starts with the creation of your website and website design. Regardless of the strategies that will be put in place, your site must remain the central element. It must be the gateway to your web presence. Visual consistency, technical realization and the integration of technological innovations are at the heart of your success on the Web. SQ Expertise develops your image and transposes it on the Web to achieve your business goals.

CMS Systems we Offer for your business solutions are:


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to design and update Internet sites or Web applications. Very famous for its ease of use, its ergonomics and its security WordPressis the CMS no. 1 nowadays. WordPress is known to be very ergonomic and intuitive via including the use of WYSIWYG back office. 30% of the world's sites use WordPress today! 100% seo-friendly and compatible with Google.


Magento is an open source e-commerce CMS developed by the Ebay group and released in 2008. Magento is the # 1 solution on the e-commerce CMS market! We have great experience as being Magento 2.0. Magento has become the reference solutions for the creation of e-commerce sites tailor-made. No need to have several dashboards under the eyes! Thanks to Magento, you can find all your data at a glance. Magento offers the possibility of a single back office the ability to configure and manage the stocks, preferences and catalogs of each separate shop.


Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that complies with Web XHTML and CSS standards. Drupal allows to realize all types of site: from the blog, to an e-commerce shop, a portfolio or a classic showcase site! Drupal has regular security updates, but also and especially many modules. Drupal is one of the most secure CMS on the market. Thanks to our achievements and our expertise we have been referenced and recognized as partner Drupal. We competent on the latest version of the CMS, in addition to previous versions.


Laravel is a set of PHP components and a free framework written in PHP. Laravel is a recognized framework and today its popularity is only increasing! Laravel is renowned for the clarity and organization of its code! Laravel offers the installation of many basic modules very useful as an authentication module managing the login, password and password forgotten. Laravel is famous for being a very secure framework indeed, by default cookies are encrypted to secure the data of users. Looking for a Laravel agency?! Then you are at the right place.

It is important to offer a unique experience to your visitors. Before even approaching the visual aspect of a site it is necessary to understand the profiles of your visitors. Keeping in mind you need best best website design services  and website development services 

We develop schematic models (sketches) to create interfaces that will meet the needs of your visitors. They must find the information they want in a short time, and the information must meet the expectations of the potential customer. A neat web design and thoughtful ergonomics increase the level of trust of the visitor.

By making the content suitable for your clientele and easy to consult, they will be more open to contacting you. The goal is to provide content and bring the visitor to the expected action: a request for information, a subscription to a newsletter, an online purchase or any other action of value to your organization.

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Responsive and Accessible

Due to the multitude of platforms, formats of today or those of tomorrow, your website must be responsive and therefore adapt to adequately meet the needs of the users and keeping this in mind we provide best website design services  and website development services in Lahore. In addition, certain parameters must be considered to help users with specific needs. SQ Expertise accompanies several companies adapting current websites to be adaptable (“responsive") for mobile devices. We know how important it is for both the user and Google, which makes it a ranking factor.


Integration and programming

Technical realization and the integration of technological innovations are at the heart of your success on the Web. Concerned about the detail and the quality of our programming work, your visitors will quickly have access to the contents of your website.

The importance of Web integration by using best practices has implications for search results, as well as facilitating adaptation for mobile devices. That’s why SQ Expertise has this expertise with web integrators that optimize the HTML / CSS integration of sites.

We have experience with several CMS for Services Industry, including

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento

For E-commerce as well as several e-commerce platforms such as

WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop.

See our e-commerce site design offer to find out more.

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Need customized web programming?

Some sites require more complex features to achieve. SQ Expertise has several experienced web developers in his team ready to solve the most complex problems. Our team is also able to offer bespoke web-based information system programming.  We provide complete website design services  and website development services & solutions

website development services, website design services

Sites for Mobile

Google favors “responsive" sites in search results. In addition to making a site suitable for mobile, we know how to optimize the speed of the site when viewed by a smartphone. While it’s important for your site to be scalable, speed plays an important role for both Google and the visitor. At Sq Expertise, these details are always considered, so our customers always stand out in the search results. This is due to proper best website design  and website development. 

E-commerce (e-commerce)

Having a transactional website allows you to make additional sales from your website. Return on Investment (ROI) is usually higher than other sales channels. Properly preparing your website for online sales is important. Whether to secure a potential buyer, to ensure good inventory management or simply offer sufficient options to perform transactions.

A multitude of e-commerce platform exists. It is important to choose the one that best suits YOUR needs. Our website design services  and website development services  makes sure you understand your business context, your vision of the Web, and the best e-commerce solution for you. Whether Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce or Prestashop, we will evaluate the situation for you while clearly explaining the reasons for our recommendations.


Online Orders

Tracking orders online is important for a buyer. A confirmation email, shipping tracking link, and other information that is easy to disseminate only builds trust with your customer.

CMS Systems we Offer for your business solutions are:

·         WordPress

·         Magento 2.0

·         Drupal

·         Laravel

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