Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS) that complies with Web XHTML and CSS standards, created in January 2001 by Dries Butaert.

Create a custom site with Drupal

Drupal is a CMS that allows you to design and update websites or web applications easily and quickly. Its features also allow it to manage any website quickly, easily and efficiently. To give you an idea, today “large sites" use the Drupal CMS like government organizations and many more.

Why use Drupal?

Limitless possibilities!

Because of its many features, Drupal allows to realize all types of site: from the blog, to an e-commerce shop, a portfolio or a classic showcase site! This content manager also allows us to set up Intranet and Extranet. Drupal adapts to your needs and allows the creation of showcases but also more complex sites.

An important community under Drupal.

Today, 2.2% of the world’s sites use Drupal. His community is very important and dynamic! Drupal has regular security updates, but also and especially many modules. To give you an idea, there are more than 7200 modules under Drupal 7!

A secure CMS

Respecting the latest security criteria Drupal is one of the most secure CMS on the market. For example, user accounts and authentication are managed directly by the Drupal kernel.

SQ Expertise are real expert Drupal in Pakistan

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Thanks to our achievements and our expertise we have been referenced and recognized as partner Drupal. We competent on the latest version of the CMS, in addition to previous versions.

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