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Laravel is a set of PHP components and a free framework written in PHP by Taylor Otwell in 2011. We provide best Laravel Development Services in Lahore

Create a custom platform with Laravel

Laravel is the reference in PHP framework. Increasingly popular Victim Laravel enables the development and maintenance of customized platforms and websites. Sarenza’s Apology Generator, Playboy’s Preventive Attitude Prevention or Selfie Emergency calendar are sites created in Laravel!

Why use Laravel?

Laravel is a recognized framework and today its popularity is only increasing! Many arguments explain its rise in power. Get Best Laravel Development Services Lahore.

An architecture based on the MVC model

Based on some Symfony bricks, Laravel relies on an MVC or Model View Controller architecture, which means that there is a separate code for the application’s business part and a presentation code for the views. In this way we have the different layers that make up our perfectly separate applications. This specificity contributes to the maintainability of the code and therefore of the applications.


An elegant and easily understandable code

Laravel is renowned for the clarity and organization of its code! For example, to use Laravel it is necessary to respect certain elements.

anonymous functions: Laravel systematically uses these functions that improve the readability of the code.

Strokes: Strokes make it possible to add properties and methods to a class without going through the inheritance, this makes it possible to override the limitation of the simple inheritance proposed by default by PHP.

facades: To make the code even cleaner Laravel uses so-called “facades", these are classes that allow easy access to services in the container.

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An important community

Today, Laravel is the most used framework in the world! His important community has allowed him to grow to become one of the best frameworks. Indeed, new versions of Laravel come out regularly (every 6 months). In addition, many sites, guides and documentation are available for anyone who wants to start development with Laravel! For example, the site laracasts offers many videos courses and podcasts to progress under this framework.


Easy to take in hand and use

Laravel is a fast and easy to use technology thanks to its numerous guides and documentation (laracasts for example, cf above).

Moreover, as we have seen above, the architecture and the operation of Laravel is easy to take in hand and master. Indeed Laravel installs easily and quickly, in contrast to other PHP frameworks, there is no long configuration to set up, everything is already ready and very well documented. “No more hours reading technical documentation, Laravel goes to the basics and it works!"

In addition, Laravel offers the installation of many basic modules very useful as an authentication module managing the login, password and password forgotten for example.

Interconnected to other tools

Coupled with Laravel Horizon, the framework offers a reliable solution for having a large-scale parallelization of treatments.

In addition, Laravel integrates Redis native which allows to store the cache data or the session data of users. This data is then accessible with flash read times on this cache using the RAM server memory allowing a decreased site loading speed!

Laravel also incorporates default Pusher. Pusher is a solution that enables and facilitates the addition of real-time data and functionality to Web and mobile applications. Thus, setting up and developing chat, messaging, notifications, dashboards and data visualization, collaborative applications, multiplayer games and live ranking are facilitated thanks to Pusher!



Laravel is famous for being a very secure framework indeed, by default cookies are encrypted to secure the data of users. Thanks to Token csrf, forms and queries that carry data are secured by ensuring that they come from the user himself and not from a hacker who has stolen his identity.

In addition, Laravel offers solutions for AES encryption, thanks to the PHP mcrypt extension, which strongly encrypts passwords and other sensitive data of users.

Basic HTTP authentication gives you a quick way to authenticate users of the application without having to set up a dedicated login page.

Tests and quality

Laravel is delivered and built with default tests, so writing tests (unit, functional, integration) are greatly facilitated! For example, test support with PHPUnit is included, and a phpunit.xml file is already configured by default for the application. In addition, the Laravel framework also comes with practical support methods to easily and expressly test the created application.

Finally, the integration of Laravel Dusk makes it possible to carry out and facilitate the implementation of the browser tests to validate the correct operation on the front-office side (Internet user).


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