Magento is an open source e-commerce CMS developed by the Ebay group and released in 2008. We have great experience as being Magento 2.0

Create an online store with Magento 2.0

Like WordPress for the creation of blog and website showcase, in a few years Magento has become the reference solutions for the creation of e-commerce sites tailor-made. For example, 3M, Etam, Fred Perry or Micromania have trusted this solution for their online store.

The advantages of Magento 2.0

Magento obviously offers all the essential features for a merchant site: management of product sheets, inventory management, management fees management or invoice management. But that’s not all, Magento allows thanks to custom modules and plugins to develop a customized and personalized e-commerce solution!


Links with ERP and CRM facilitated

No need to have several dashboards under the eyes! Thanks to Magento, you can find all your data at a glance. Indeed, this CMS is able to adapt and make links to all your databases that they are present in your ERP and / or CRM. So, do not bother to update your stocks and prices of your products every morning, all this will be automatic thanks to the different links put in place.

Manage multi-shops easily and quickly

Magento offers the possibility of a single back office the ability to configure and manage the stocks, preferences and catalogs of each separate shop. Thus, you can manage for example the products available in English and Urdu, Arabic shop at the same time to save you time!

A power web-marketing

Magento is not just a technical tool, it is also a real web marketing tool. Indeed, Magento makes it easy and quick to set up loyalty and / or referral tools. This CMS also offers the possibility to perform many custom actions with your customers to better target and push for the purchase! For example, Magento provides referral modules, flash and private sales, flexible discount coupons, bulk purchases, promotional price selection and more :).

Security, reliability and performance with Magento 2

Magento is the # 1 solution on the e-commerce CMS market! Thanks to the importance and efficiency of its community (600,000 developers) Magento evolves from day to day and remains one of the safest CMS on the market! Moreover, thanks to Magento’s advanced cache system, e-commerce sites can be made (very) fast to load, thus reducing the bounce rate!

Sq Expertise is Magento 2.0 Experts in Pakistan

Looking for an agency specialized in Magento?! Then you are at the right place As a technical precursor, we have very quickly developed our new sites under version 2 of Magento. i.e. Magento 2.0

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