10 WordPress SEO Tricks for Improving Search Engine Rankings

Know the best 10 wordpress SEO Tricks for Improving Search Engine Ranking (SERPS). If you want to get a good position in the SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages), then you need to take your SEO seriously . Fortunately, the use of WordPress gives you an advantage, as this CMS initially took care of the basic possibilities for setting up SEO. This is one of the many other reasons why people most often use WordPress.

However, there are still a number of things you can do to elevate your WordPress SEO to a higher level. To make it easier for you to do this, we have created this guide. Below we have collected 10 of the best tricks and tips for driving traffic to your site.

1. Install WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress already has some built-in solid SEO features. But you can go to the next level using special SEO plugins. The best SEO plugin on the market are Rank Math, All in One, Yoast SEO, apart from many others. Install SEO plugin during your wordpress development pages and while website’s designing each page, make your each page is optimized as it gets done.

With these plugins ( Always use Paid Versions for more Options & better Optimization), you can perfectly optimize each page and publish your chosen keyword. It also has a built-in analysis based on the latest updates of the algorithm. You can even create an XML sitemap and add schema markup to your site.

2. Turn on the visibility of your website for search engines.

WordPress has a built-in setting that will hide your site from search engines. It can be useful to you when you just create your website, forbid it to rank for this time. If you have applied a few tips from our list, but have not seen an improvement in the rating of your site, this setting may be the reason.

3. Customize the permalink structure

When you first install a WordPress page on your site and the posts will have a weird URL structure. This default structure is not very good for your SEO.

  • The more correct and most suitable structure for search engines URL is the setting Title of the entry.
  • By switching to this setting, you can include in the link the name of your post or page and even a keyword.
  • You must customize the permalink structure as per the project needs.

4. Add your site to the Google Search Console

Using the Google Search Console, you can see how your site is currently positioned in the search engines and whether there are any errors on the site.

To add your site to the Google Search Console, first go to this page and log in to your Google account. Next, click on the Add resource button and enter the URL address of your site.

If you are using Yoast or Rank Math then, creating XML maps or submitting a website to google search Console is not an issue.

5. Integrate Google Analytics analytics

Another Google tool you’d like to include in your arsenal is Google Analytics. This tool will show you how well your SEO strategy works by in-depth analysis of traffic to your website.

To create your account, go to the Google Analytics home page and create it. Next you need to arrange your tracking code. It can be found in Tracking Info ›Tracking Code.

6. Add a sitemap to Google

Site maps are used by search engines for better site indexing. Your site will be indexed without a sitemap, but its creation allows you to send data that should be indexed by search bots in your opinion.

You can be sure that the pages that you think will not bring your website ranking will not be indexed, as well as valuable pages will be paid more attention. If you use the Yoast SEO plugin, then you can easily create and publish a site map.

7. Optimize your website for mobile devices.

Google has recently announced that they have begun their tests on indexing primarily mobile content. This means that they are beginning to use the performance and functionality of your mobile pages to determine ranking. Therefore, if you are using a non-adaptive theme, it’s time to fix it.

But besides using a responsive theme, check how your site works on mobile platforms. To do this, open a test from Google on the friendliness of your pages to mobile devices and enter the address of your site. Any Affordable SEO Company never forget optimize your website for mobile devices.

8. Fix broken links

Having a large number of broken links is not very good for your readers or your rating. In addition, they make it difficult for Google’s bots to scan your site

The easiest way to check your site for broken links is to open the Google Search Console and click on Scan Errors.

Broken Link is badly effect on the website ranking. Make sure broken site links fix as automatically and increase the site speed (Core Web Vitals) , because its greatest ranking factor by google since 2021.

9. Optimize the titles of your posts and pages.

Your title tag is your most important tag. It tells Google what your page is about, and it affects whether readers will navigate to your site. If you are not sure which tag is your title tag – this is the title of your post or page.

Follow these tips to optimize the header tag:

  • Include the target keyword as soon as possible in the title.
  • Create a title tag between 60 and 70 characters.
  • Create a tempting title that will encourage people to follow the link.

Changing the title tag to something well optimized and clickable is pretty easy. Especially if you use the Yoast SEO plugin.

10. Force Google to index your site.

Usually your site is scanned by the frequency of publication of new content. But there is a workaround by which Google immediately indexes your content.

Open the Google Search Console, go to Scan and click View as Googlebot. Enter the URL of the publication you just published or updated, and click “Receive and Display”.

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