Youtube Marketing

How to use YouTube to promote your business with our Youtube Marketing?

No matter the size, appearance or location of your business. Whether big, medium or small. Whether starry or not. Whether in the heart of a big city or in the middle of the countryside ... One thing is certain: you have financial goals to reach to stay in the race.

As the owner of a business, you need to find an excellent marketing strategy that will allow you to make your business known both nationally and internationally, to ensure maximum visibility, to win new customers and Retain existing, optimize your competitive advantages … and much more.

Know that you can accomplish all this in thanks to a phenomenon known to all … YouTube! How to use YouTube for marketing your business?

Know where your business is missing? How you can get it done on time?


YouTube … this word should be familiar to you. Certainly, because it is the second most used search engine in the world, after Google of course. It’s also the third most popular site in the world, still after Google … and Facebook. Since its birth in 2005, the way in which users and mobile users watch and share videos has changed dramatically. YouTube allows them to upload / download, view, evaluate, comment and share videos. Moreover, this incredible video hosting site is available in almost 100 countries and different languages! All this makes it an extraordinary tool for communicating. Why not take advantage of it to promote your business?

The ultimate tool to boost your business marketing, and its be it your channel is fully optimized that’s why we are offering youtube marketing.

Are you wondering what YouTube could bring to your business? According to reliable statistics, 4 out of 5 Internet users watch videos. Why this preference? Because a video offers a more dynamic and attractive format, compared to simple texts or still images. It’s more engaging and it saves time! There is nothing more effective to communicate a message quickly and easily on the Web. And that’s where YouTube comes in. It’s a must-have channel to broadcast a marketing video about your business. With content that can generate emotion, a true lever of virality, you’ll get insights. And more importantly … sharing!

You now have your broadcast channel. However, how to use it wisely? For effective and relevant marketing use, different options are available. With a huge audience and near total control of the online video market, YouTube is a gold mine for any businesses who wants to advance their business through online marketing. This guide will show you how to create and make your business’s YouTube channel more successful.

Let's start by looking closely at the statistics that show why you should use YouTube to promote your business.


What is social media marketing?

  • YouTube has more than 1 million users
    YouTube reaches more people ages 18 to 49 than any other cable network
  • The number of YouTube users increases by 40% each year
  • Mobile users watch on average more than 40 minutes of video
  • Watch hours of mobile users doubled in the previous year
    More than half of YouTube views are from mobile phones
  •  The number of 6-digit YouTube channels     increases by 50% each year

According to his statistics, YouTube has everything you need to reach new customers and help you develop your business. After all, how much do you know of marketing options including a potential audience of 1 million people?

Create a YouTube channel for your business

  1. In order to promote your business on YouTube, you must first create a channel.
    Nothing easier. Go to and click on “My channel" in the left column.
  2. A window will appear, prompting you to enter your channel name and read the YouTube Terms of Service.
  3. Since you are going to use the channel in a professional setting, you must click on “Use Company Name or Other Name".
  4. By clicking on it, another window shows you the potential chains that you can create.

You can create one using your name, email address, or other property in Google+. For best results, use the name of your business. Whatever your choice, you must click on “Create a new channel" on the left. You will then be taken to a page where you can name your channel and select your industry. The most common options are “Product or Brand" and “Company, Institution or Organization". Select the option that best fits your marketing strategy. After entering your name and selecting your industry, check the box accepting Google + Pages terms … and that’s it!


Make a video presenting your business

Making a video does not take as much time, preparation, and equipment as it did ten years ago. All you need is a person who can hold a camera with a steady hand.
Three steps to creating a video for YouTube:

Choose the type of video you want to make: presentation of products or services, customer testimonials, instructions, events, etc.
Turn the video: You can use a Smartphone to present the products that your business offers, for example.
Edit the video, then put it online: Once your video is finished, it’s time to move to the editing, if necessary. If you prefer it raw, you can upload it directly to YouTube using the Load button at the top right.

Promote your business's YouTube channel

Here are some tips you can use to improve the visibility of your video on YouTube. Include your keywords in the file name of your video.
  • Include your keywords in the file name of your video.
  • Use high quality videos, preferably including early and late credits, some music, pictures, or text to catch the attention of your target audience.
  • Make the thumbnail of your video relevant and engaging so your audience wants to click on it.
  • Choose a title that is not too long, relevant and catchy with your keywords in it
  • Add subtitles in your video to optimize the natural referencing of your video.
  • You’re ready to promote your business on YouTube! So, to your videos!
  • Add keywords in your video description to maximize the value.
  • The description must also contain a link to your website. Then, why not encourage your audience to visit your site with a small bonus?
  • Feel free to share your video on other social networks (Twitter, Facebook …), and also upload it to the website and blog (if any) of your business.
  • Get more business from youtube with our expertise in getting it done. You can also make money through your channel in the long run as well. We are here to help and guide you through.Call us.