Get App Store Optimization Services or ASO Services to increase your Mobile Application downloads. SQ Expertise’s App Store Optimization services take a 360-degree approach to mobile marketing. We have more than 10 years of experience helping mobile apps increase their search rankings with keyword and metadata optimization, boost their conversion rates with A/B testing, and optimize user acquisition while complying with policies of Google Play & IOS App Store.

What are ASO Services – App store Optimization Services?

The App Store Optimization Services or ASO Services is a practice of referencing a mobile application on different download platforms (App Store Apple & Google Play Store mainly).

As an extension of Our Search Engine Optimization Services –SEO Services, it allows an application to be proposed in the first results of user searches on these stores. The ASO services also concerns the presence in Google’s App Packs during mobile searches (App Indexing).

The strategies of App Store Optimization and App Indexing result in two main projects. On the one hand, optimizing the application’s descriptive files on the various platforms makes it possible to include the keywords and occurrences necessary for its positioning.

On the other hand, the association with the website improves the user experience and reinforces the legitimacy of the application in the search results.

ASO: App Store Optimization Services Process

  • Audit of the application and functionalities
  • Study of the App Store positioning & Google Play
  • Benchmark competitors & their positioning
  • Semantic reflection and detection of keywords
  • Optimization of the name and description
  • Implementation Deep & Universal linking

Our App Store Optimization Services

Our ASO Services includes

With extensive keyword research, we fetch relevant primary and secondary keywords that are used by the users and targeted by your competitors. Both Apple and Google Play stores have different approaches when it comes to ASO. We have a list of tools for in-depth keyword research and analysis.

The app title must cover the brand and keywords that are mostly primary. It also must be unique and innovative to lure customers to click on your app title for downloads. We help your app to rank better by giving an apt title based on the right keywords and phrases.

An app description also plays an important role to decide whether to download the app or not. Our copywriters come up with the best app description copy that clearly illustrates what the app offers with relevant features and reasons for downloading.

Believe it or not, users check reviews and ratings before downloading the app and if they are not satisfied with the reviews and ratings, they will not download your app. We encourage happy customers to write positive reviews and ratings by offering incentives or simple prompts. We also help to increase the volume of positive ratings and reviews to get more downloads.

The app logo is the first interaction that the user will do with the app and it should be visually appealing, bright, recognizable, and unique. Our logo developers can design impressive logo options for your brand to choose from.

Screenshots and videos are checked mostly by the users to take a virtual tour of your app and they must cover prominent features, popular pages and best parts of your app. It is your window display to the users and images should be of high definition and clear.

Apple Play Store allows you to choose two- primary and secondary categories for your app. On the other hand, the Google Play store allows you to choose only one category. Choosing a right and highly relevant app category is crucial to get found on the app stores.

Once a user downloads the app, our job is not done. Through different channels and programs, we need to keep the interest of the user live and intact. Personalization, incentivization, working on their feedback and frequent updates are very imperative for user retention.

Why Choose SQ Expertise for Your App Store Optimization?

  • We have a team of dedicated ASO experts who can create a tailor-made ASO plan for your apps.
  • We use best in class ASO tools and technologies to offer unmatched ASO services.
  • We are available at the best competitive pricing in the market for our valuable ASO services.
  • We have years of experience and expertise in designing and executing result-oriented, proven, and comprehensive ASO strategies for mobile apps for different platforms.
  • We are well-versed with terms and guidelines of android and iOS platforms and we adhere to them to bring the best results.

ASO Services With SQ Expertise

Referencing top search results on download platforms requires various optimizations. Thus, the name and description of the application directly impact its positioning. Several other factors also come into play, such as the number of downloads, the rating and the number of comments or the level of commitment of the application.

In addition to the semantic enrichment inherent to natural referencing, the ASO involves usage considerations in order to obtain the best user feedback. Furthermore, knowledge of the various platforms, such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), is essential to identify the criteria to be optimized in priority on each of them.

That’s so many opportunities to gain web visibility. Moreover, the App Store Optimization – ASO must not ignore the website which makes it possible to reinforce the semantic relevance of the application by being linked to it via Universal linking and Deep linking, which allow the automatic opening of the application from APP Store results.

The use of positioning tracking tools, competition analysis and technical, structural & semantic analysis allows our App Store Optimization Experts or ASO experts to draw up an exhaustive list of ASO recommendations for improved ranking and usage.

The implementation support, the reckoning of the optimizations, the monitoring of the acquisitions and the continuous optimization make it possible to ensure a good positioning of the application, which is why the App Store Optimization – ASO must be integrated into the marketing strategies of the brands for which applications represent a strong business challenge.

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