What are Backlinks and how to work with them?

This article is about that What are backlinks and How to work with them. Backlinks are a kind of Internet pointer.

It links one specific website to other external web-resources containing links to this site.

That is, outbound links from other sites that lead to your site are back links for you.

The Page Rank algorithm, despite the long and active evolution, still takes into account the reference profile of a specific page and domain as one of the most important ranking factors.

Number and quality of backlinks

Unfortunately, backlinks are not free (especially at the beginning, and their creation requires a lot of time and effort.

That is why it is crucial to learn how to make each acquired back link as profitable as possible.

First of all:

  • Conduct a technical optimization of the page and the whole site;
  • Create a reliable site architecture;
  • Create interesting content.

Let’s talk about each step in more detail.

1. The site should not be technical errors.

But nevertheless they will be. The greater site, the more likely that you’ll not have time to correct all errors on time. To find and correct errors at earliest, we recommend using our crawler.

There is a list of the most general problems you’ll probably encounter:

  • 302 redirection (URL);
  • 404 errors;
  • incorrect use of commands (no follow, no index, etc.);
  • slow download speed;
  • copies of content (plagiarism);
  • redirection chains;
  • site adaptability;
  • canonical errors.

2. Improve the architecture of your site with backlinks

A solid and reliable site architecture almost guarantees the value of backlinks. The superior architecture, the fewer links you need to get the results you need. You can get guarantee by us for improving the architecture of your site because we are Best SEO Company in Lahore and Providing Best SEO Services in Lahore.

3. Create interesting content.

Thousands of links and decent architecture will not save in the presence of bad content. Avoid publishing bad or so-called “junk” content.

Risks when placing backlinks

There are two main tactics for link placement:

  • Risky, with a decent chance of getting penalties.
  • Safe way of placement.

Less than two years ago, the site could be promoted within a month with the help of backlinks of PBN (Private Blog Network). Then Google created a sandbox that made the site owner wait at least 3 months until the effect of PBN backlinks manifested.

How to check the backlinks to the site?

Careful selection, verification and analysis of backlinks is a timid and vital task for anyone who wants to optimize their sites. There are many different tools that may be helpful to you check if your backlinks are trust and can bring value to your website.

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