5 Features of Google Analytics you must know in 2023

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Google Analytics statistics is a free website traffic analytics service from the Google search engine. It provides detailed data on all visitors, displaying information about the region, operating system, provider, traffic source and other important parameters.

Google Analytics

1. User action (Top 5 Features of Google Analytics in 2023)

We help answer the question of how various marketing activities impact site traffic! Before a visitor buys something, they click on a few leading sources on the site. For example, they first go through the natural search, click on ads from AdWords, and next time – click on the link from your newsletter and finally buy the product. All these visits are important, not just the last one!

Our reports display all three referral sources and help you determine, for example, whether social networks are an integral part of your marketing or an independent channel. Information on this can be found in two reports. The higher the cost of the product, the higher the likelihood that thinking about whether to buy it can take more than a month. In this case, you will not be able to see the full transition path. We monitor all kinds of users via Google Analytics and inform the client which users are visiting their site. We provide the Best SEO Services in Lahore and we are Affordable SEO Company in Lahore.

2. Social Plugins

In the Traffic Sources> Social section, several reports are available that will help you track the actions of those who click on social approval buttons (Like, Share, Tweet). The Engagement report (“Plugins”) displays the number of likes and related metrics: the number of pages per visit, the time spent on the site, the value of one visit, the conversion rate, and the profit from e-commerce.

The Pages report (“Site Map”) displays the pages on which an action is performed and contains a pivot table that displays the sources and actions associated with the individual pages. The Social Action report allows you to wisely allocate the budget to social marketing. It is among Top 5 Features of Google Analytics in 2023.

3. Popular goods

The e-commerce section is a set of reports that allow you to identify the most successfully sold products, as well as track transactions down to a single campaign and further down to the keyword level. Loyalty and latency metrics are available (number of visits and number of days elapsed before the transaction). This can be useful when you need to determine the success of a campaign for individual products. We provide all reports regarding the SEO to our client from time to time and in timely fashion. because we are providing Best SEO Services in Lahore and we are Affordable SEO Company in Lahore. The initial report, Conversions> E-commerce> Overview (“Conversions”> “E-commerce”> “Overview”) provides a lot of useful information. Click on one of the most successfully sold products to see the corresponding report, and then the cross segment, selecting an additional dimension from a number of other fields, such as referral source, campaign name, keywords, etc. This one is the third most important among Top 5 Features of Google Analytics in 2023.

4. Mobile Visitors Report

Since the actions of a user who logged in via a mobile device are different from actions when using a computer, GA provides a separate section of the report designed to analyze the behavior of just such visitors.

It is located in the Audience> Mobile section (“Audience”> “Mobile Devices”) for two types of visitors. You can compare metrics such as the number of pages per visit, time on the site, the price of one visit, conversion rate, profits from e-commerce, etc.

The Audience> Mobile> Devices report (“Audience”> “Mobile devices”> “Devices”) displays the brand and name of the device from which users logged in as a measurement. By clicking on the camera icon next to it, you can see its image. Also, in the Other drop-down menu, you can set Screen Resolutions (“Screen Resolutions”) and Mobile Input Device (“Data Entry Tools”). This one is the 4th most important among Top 5 Features of Google Analytics in 2023.

5. Analysis of page views

Figuring out which pages are the most popular is an obvious first step in assessing the effectiveness of your site. The usual page-based metrics for page views, site time and bounce rates are available respectively in Content> Site Content> Pages reports (Landing> Site Content> All Pages) and Landing Pages (Login Pages). Another useful report that goes beyond page metrics is the Navigation Summary. It can be opened from the Pages report by clicking on the specified URL and then selecting the Navigation Summary item.

The metrics show the percentage of visits to the page, the number of visits that lead to leaving the site, and those who continued by viewing another page. The table displays the 10 preceding page and the URLs following it. Last but not the least, most important among previous 4. Thus, we hope you know all Top 5 Features of Google Analytics in 2023.

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