There are 5 important image SEO tips you should know whenever you add images to your website.

The Images are soul of a website, as they are rightly said ‘a picture says a thousand words.’

Normally, when it comes to images, a website designer has to be experienced and must follow proper SEO guidelines while designing the front-end (Indexable) version of a website.

If the designer lacks something in terms of Image sizes, etc., then the website development team should be able to get things right. But sadly, these are the most neglected areas.

We provide Website Design Services as well as website development services incorporating all Google SEO Best Practices.

If these are not implemented on your website, then implement them yourself or ask your SEO services company to get it done on your website.

Important Image SEO Tips

Following 5 Image tips which can be done on any website and on any content management system with ease. These will not only increase your SERP’s but if you have an ecommerce store, it will greatly increase your chances of getting traffic from Images search tab.

Image SEO Tips

1. Assign descriptive names to images using simple and clear wording

Of course, uploading hundreds of images and assigning them names via your camera is much easier. But before you begin to do so, read why it is impossible to do so. When it comes to SEO image optimization, using the keywords used on your website in their names is simply necessary, because only in this way the search engine will be able to find them and your page: search engines do not scan only those words that you have on the page, but also the file names.

2. Optimize Alt tags wisely

Alt tags are textual alternatives to images, necessary in cases where the browser is not able to display a photo. But even if the photo is displayed as it should, you can hover the cursor on it and see the alt tag text of this image (depending on browser settings).

This attribute is also useful in SEO optimization. Assigning appropriate alt tags to images makes the site and images more visible to search engines, especially if these are keywords. It is worth noting that alt tags are probably the best guarantee that Google will display your site in the search box. Image Optimizing is one of the most important SEO Practices that help improve you sit rank. We focus on all SEO Best Practices because we are SEO Company Lahore that Provide Best SEO Services in Lahore.

3. Correctly select the image size and angle

Today, people tend to show goods from different angles. Again, take the Ford Mustang as an example: you are unlikely to post just one image of a car, especially if you intend to sell it. In your best interest to demonstrate:

  • Car interior
  • The back of the car, especially this beautiful spoiler

  • Close-up disc shot
  • A snapshot of what’s under the hood in the Mustang!

4. Aim for the smallest image size


  • Most consumers are waiting for the site to load from a computer or tablet for about three seconds

  • … and about five seconds to load the page from the phone

  • Amazon employees estimate that if the page load speed increases by 1 second, the company loses 1.6 billion dollars a year!

  • Google’s search algorithms also use page load time

  • If there are images on your site that slowly “unfold” on the screen within 1.5 seconds, then … you can say goodbye to potential buyers!

5. Remember how to handle thumbnails

Most shopping sites use thumbnails. This is an excellent tool for a quick overview of the various categories of goods and does not require any significant place.

By following the aforementioned image SEO tips, you can optimize your content with image-rich and SEO practices.

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