This article is about effectiveness of content marketing strategy. Why it is so important for increasing site traffic? Its like you are purchasing a car for travelling from point A to Point B, yet you bear an expense of fuel. You never buy a car to pay at fuel station. Same goes for content marketing strategy – telling your customers what value and benefits they will get when they buy your products and services. If you help people solve their problems via the services you offer, sooner or later they will become your customers.

Remember: Price Competitiveness and relying on it is a bad content and brand strategy. You will never provide quality, and neither will there be any returning customers.

Importance of effectiveness of content marketing strategy

  • While using any digital marketing services, tracking on website allow you to measure the effectiveness and performance of content. They give you important data on the number of people who need your information.

  • You can also find out whether the content is appealing to your audience and whether its consumption leads to any actions you need from a content marketing point of view.

  • Measurements suggest which ideas you should develop and which materials you should refine.
  • It is the measurements that allow marketers to demonstrate to customers and employer’s confirmation of the effectiveness and high value of their investment in content.
Content Marketing Strategy

Key performance indicators (KPIs) for the site shows the effectiveness of content marketing strategy

Knowledge of the criteria to assess the effectiveness of content marketing strategy, and possession of tools for measuring them will help you successfully promote your business on the Internet. In addition, this information will tell you how to improve the materials published on your web resource.

Of course, the site of your business project is the best starting point to start monitoring the effectiveness of content marketing strategy. Use the following criteria to evaluate your online marketing campaign:

1. Number of Unique Visitors

We are talking about the number of Internet users who visited your resource during a certain period. In this case, repeated visits by one user are not counted. This universal indicator is one of the ways to evaluate a marketing campaign.

Attendance in absolute numbers strongly depends on the scale and scope of your business, including other factors. Therefore, evaluate the number of unique visitors over time. The steady and dynamic growth of this indicator indicates that you are creating and publishing high-quality and interesting content to the audience in sufficient quantity. It is among the major indicators of effectiveness of content marketing strategy.

2. Page View: The Average Number of Pages viewed

This indicator shows the average number of pages of your resource viewed by a visitor in one session.

The number of views on most topics should exceed the number of unique visitors. It can be considered as an indicator of high-quality content. The audience is interested in your materials, so it scans several pages of the site during the session. Low Bounce rate is best part of effectiveness of content marketing strategy. You can even evaluate the performance of content marketing services that you are availing from this single Metrix.

3. Search Traffic

Natural search traffic is one of the most reliable indicators for assessing the quality of your content and the credibility of resource from the point of view of “search engines”. Every year search engines place increasingly high demands on content.

Even you have YouTube which is basically a search engine for videos.

4. Conversion Rate

It shows the percentage of visitors to the resource who committed a specific call-to-action, to which the site encourages them. For example, it may be a subscription to a newsletter or filling out an order form.

Conversion rate again depends on the industry in which your business operates and on the goals you are tracking. On average, this figure is 2-3%, but it can reach 10-20%, and even more. However, if you create professional landing pages designed for a specific target audience, then strive for a constant increase in conversion. It is the trust which leads to sales or conversions, and it all happens due to the effectiveness of content marketing strategy.

5. Inbound Natural Links

Links are the essence of the Internet. The core fabric of Internet is based on internal & external links each webpage has. The quantity and quality of external links effect the level of trust in your site on part of the search engines. The appearance of the reference ranking factor in the search engines has been a means of putting pressure on search results. The number of unnatural links created for manipulating the issue is huge. Now search engines have learned to accurately distinguish between natural and unnatural links. We recommend monitoring the number of natural links. Their appearance depends on the quality and relevance of your content.

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