Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the Business in Pakistan

This article is about to tell Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Business. We, Sq Expertise are a Digital Marketing Company in Lahore providing SEO Services. And with our experience and knowledge we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages you get from SEO.

The purpose of SEO is to get ranked against the services and products that you offer to customers when they are searching for it.

SEO does not mean if someone types your name, your website will show up, or you are shown in local google my business.

Pros and Cons of SEO in Pakistan

The process of optimizing the site itself is quite complex, so the exact result here is impossible to predict. The clients, of course, expect an increase in sales from SEO services . In fact, we can only assume that after a certain period the position of the site on a specific request will become approximately the same, and the site may receive more visitors who place an order on it.

Despite all this uncertainty and many reservations, with the right approach, the cost of SEO pays off with interest. There are several of the most significant advantages and disadvantages which must be considered when ordering website optimization. If you are looking for SEO Services in Lahore or SEO Consultant from Lahore, feel free to contact us. Let us consider them in more detail in comparison with the features of contextual advertising.

Pros and Cons of SEO

Search Engine Optimization

PROS of Search Engine Optimization

1. Cost does not depend on the number of clicks
Each SEO Company in Pakistan has its own payment schemes for services, but their cost usually does not depend on the number of clicks. On the other hand, in contextual advertising for each visitor, including the occasional one, you must pay. That means that the more visitors you get, the higher the price of advertising.
2. The total cost of SEO promotion is significantly lower than the cost of contextual advertising.
If you compare the cost of contextual advertising and optimization work for a month, then regardless of the site’s theme, SEO promotion will be more profitable at times, and sometimes even dozens of times.
3. You do not pay for the promotion of low-frequency requests, but at the same time get on them additional visitors
If the site is promoted by a specific request, it will automatically go out in the search and by similar, or rather, low-frequency requests. SEO Services specialists only pay for the promotion of the site for the main phase, unless you are in an unscrupulous company. In contextual advertising a list of additional requests is limited.
4. When you stop working on SEO promotion, the site retains high positions for some requests for some time.
Usually search engines take time to update information about sites. Therefore, an advanced, but no longer promoted resource may, for some time, still go out on the first page on certain requests. Contextual advertising, in turn, stops working as soon as the service expires.
5. Sometimes it is enough to work properly on the internal factors of the site so that it goes to the first search page.
It concerns the keywords with low or medium level of competition. Search engines can actually show the site in a natural presentation on the first page just as if it has a good structure, content and correct settings. For advertising, respectively, in any case, you must pay, regardless of the state of the keywords.

Cons of search engine optimization

1. It is challenging to predict the results, since the conditions for selecting sites are constantly changing
You have to trust the experience of an SEO specialist, who should, if possible, predict the nature of changes in search engine algorithms; or at least respond as quickly as possible. But setting up contextual advertising, you will know exactly when and by what requests your site will go.
2. The quality of the work of SEO specialist is almost impossible to evaluate before the site holds good positions.
When the site goes to the top of the search engine, the result is obvious. However, up to this point, customers often have to simply take their word for the contractor to whom they applied and paid for the work they do. This is also used by fraudulent companies, which in the end did not fulfill their obligations. For those who are not ready to take risks, again there is an opportunity to order contextual advertising, where payment is made for a specific position in a specific period.
3. On average, the time for the site to reach the TOP for certain requests is about 6 months
Many entrepreneurs feel sorry for losing precious time and wait until the site is fully operational. Contextual advertising in this case can act as an auxiliary temporary tool for promotion. For New Company, only SEO is never recommended unless they sell prohibited items like Knives, Arms, Pocket Knives, etc.
4. It is necessary to adjust the site content to the requirements of search engines.
Search robots / spiders / crawlers have their own “preferences” in terms of content and site structure. As a result, a resource that meets their requirements may be too cumbersome, from which the aesthetic component suffers. In the paid issue, such rigid rules do not apply.

Conclusion of Pros and Cons of Search Engine Optimization SEO

Thus, Search Engine Optimization is as an online marketing tool. It does not pretend to be the most effective, but it is definitely one of the basic ones for companies targeting Internet visitors. The main thing is to use the services of proven experts and follow their recommendations.

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