The Process of Keyword Research

Keyword Search is the fundamental and most of the most important part of SEO. SEO Experts know the importance of Keywords. Even if you see any YouTube video about SEO, there is not a single video you will find, where the emphasis on KEYWORDs has not been given. Searching for right keywords for the need of business you are doing SEO is most important and time consuming part.

Keyword selection is one of the most important and most rewarding stages of SEO. Whether you choose the “right” key phrases for optimization depends on the fate of your site. The study of popular search queries is necessary not only to compile the semantic core of the site, but also to study your target audience.

Correctly chosen keywords will not only attract traffic to your site – they will attract targeted traffic. The benefit of a well-composed semantic core is difficult to overestimate.

You can predict demand spikes, respond to changes in market conditions in a timely manner, and offer consumers the products, services, and content they need. In the entire history of marketing, there was no more effective way to study the target audience than working with keywords.

How to determine the value of keywords in Keywords Research?

There have many tools for determining the frequency of keywords. However, this information is not enough to understand whether the customers who have come to the site on these requests will bring you profit. The process of evaluating the value of a keyword is much more complicated and consists of several stages in Keyword Research:

1. First, answer a few questions.

Is the keyword relevant to your site content? Will the users on your site find what they are looking for using this keyword? Would they like what they find? Will these visitors bring you profit (or will they help to achieve other goals)? Most importantly, how many people are searching or using that keyword. To understand better categorize them as

  • Intentional
  • Commercial
  • Informational
  • Transactional

2.Analyze the results of the issuance of a keyword in the major search engines

In order to understand how competitive, the selected word is and how easy or difficult it will be for you to get it to the first positions of the site, you need to analyze the sites that are already in issue.

Please note whether other sites are advertised on this request. As a rule, the more paid ads are given when searching for a keyword, the more valuable and profitable it is. On the other hand, this means that the word is highly competitive, that is, getting ranked against such a Keyword is more time consuming and need more backlinks

3.Start a trial advertising campaign for the selected key phrase in Google AdWords

If your site is not displayed on the search page for the request you are interested in, you can buy “test” traffic to analyze how conversion the request is.

If you use Google Ads, set the “exact” match type for the keyword phrase and direct traffic to the relevant page of your site. Analyze the conversion rate of a keyword phrase after receiving at least 200–300 clicks.

TIP: If the rate of conversion again that keyword is good, then its worth working and optimizing for the said keyword. Its more of A/B SEO Test

4.Using the data obtained, determine the value of your  keyword Research.

Let’s say your ad viewed 5,000 users, 100 of whom went to your site, and another 3 performed a targeted action and generated revenue of $ 300. By simple calculations, we determine that one visitor brings you $ 3.

For Ecommerce SEO, 5000 users who land on your product, category or brand pages per day can give from 100 to 1500 transitions (provided that your ad will be issued in the first position). Since one visitor brings in $ 3, for a year your profit can be from one to two million dollars. Now I understand why companies love Keyword Research and why its important.

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